• My Top Five Favorites S/S '23

    My Top Five Favorites S/S '23
    It's never too early to plan for Spring entertaining. These table linens are works of art and will become treasured pieces to enjoy for many years. Each design takes inspiration from Sicily's rich landscape and tradition. I hope you enjoyed this season's top five favorites, and I'm excited to share many more with you in the coming months. As always, I'm so grateful for your support. Drop me a note and let me know what you think of my picks or if you have any other comments to share with me.

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  • Sharing my top 5 Tablescape Trends

    Sharing my top 5 Tablescape Trends

    BOHO CHIC  -  The traditional Indian wood block printed tablecloths that we saw last spring and summer, take on a more sophisticated design approach this season.  You will see florals reminiscent of English chintz's printed on cotton and linen.  One of my favorite textile designer that has elevated the aesthetic of wood block printing is @dascoli_.  Check them out!

    CASUAL ELEGANCE  - By all means set the table, but throw away the formality.  Switch out your fine porcelain place settings for more rustic earthenware.  Use colored glasses instead of the fine crystal stems. Use votives instead of the silver candlesticks.  Create small, loose groupings of flowers, and use bud vases in alternating heights.   Do use a beautiful tablecloth and cloth napkins.  Throw out formality, but not table manners!

    WORLD TRAVELER  - After a year of no travel and not sure when we will be able to safely and freely immerse ourselves

    in other cultures, we will continue to fill our wanderlust in the way we live in our homes.   Artisinal and regional designs, woven baskets, rattan everywhere, hand crafted pottery, and a well executed menu will transport the starved globe trotter to exotic destinations.

    SOPHISTICATED TRIBAL  - Right on the heels of our World Traveler trend is the Sophisticated Tribal.  Taking its design cue from color saturated textiles and Berber carpets found in the markets of Marrakesh, Turkey  or those of the famous souks of Egypt.  Inspiration for this tablescapes can be found in @cabanamagazine and also from @les_ottomons

    THE REGENCY PERIOD  - If you have not seen the latest Netflix hit, Bridgerton, then get to it immediately!  This is one of my favorite periods in history.  You can expect the trend to directly affect the way we set the table.   Empty the cuberts, polish the silver and iron the linen, because this table is about to be served. @secretofahostess


    I hope these have inspired you to set the table.  Let me hear from you and share pics of your table with me by tagging

    Meet me at the table ❤️


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  • Thanksgiving Memories To Live By

    Thanksgiving Memories To Live By

    Recently, as my sisters and I planned to Zoom our safe and distant Thanksgiving celebration, we reminisced about memories from past holidays, when our Mother was alive.  Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday.  We would laugh when she showed up in her red velvet hat and red flannel shirt.  She would devour the food with such gusto, and in her enthusiasm often forget her table manners.  We would scold her and remind her not to speak with food in her mouth.  The roles reversed, we were now the parents reminding the child about table etiquette.   She loved my sister Ada's sweet potato pie and apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  We miss her at the table.   Overtime the pain of loss lessens, but the memories keep her alive and close to us.

    That is the thing with memories, we can store them and pull them out whenever we need them.  They keep us company and bring us joy, they are with us in good times and in bad.  Making memories is essential to the joy of the human spirit.  So this Thanksgiving as you sit at the table with your loved ones, make memories, live joyfully, laugh loudly, be present, eat with gusto, be thankful, share your dreams and be hopeful.  For the table is the heart and soul of the home, where we come together and lifetime memories are made.

    Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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